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"I would like to take this opportunities to thanks all members and fellow bikers for giving me and the committee members the full support since the formation of this club. We are very excited with all the programmes and trips planned for members throughout the year. As all of you are aware, we have recently got our club officially registered in March 2001 and since then, all committee members are busy with plans and administration of the club. In the meantime, we are also coordinating the trip for Borneo Island Big Bike Festival 2001 which will be held in Brunei on the 21 June this year. We are also looking at coordinating our club official launching and the planning for BIBBF 2002 in Sabah. The club will be able to have a fix calendar of activities after the Brunei trip.

Once again I would like to thanks all members for their support and welcome new members to our club. Together and with team effort, we should be able to enjoy more of our common interest.

Ride Safe.

Mohd.Naser Baharom


Borneo Island Big Bikers Festival to be held in Brunei Darussalam from 22nd June until 25th June 2001. This is in conjunction with Visit Brunei 2001. The event is organised by by the Brunei Tourism and PEMODA (Persatuan Mostosikal Darussalam)to encourage Domestic Tourism. A registration Fee of B$160.00 per pax will provide participants with 3 nights accomodation, Breakfast Lunch & Dinner, 2 Event T-Shirts, Certificates to all participants. The organisers will also assists in Custom Declarations and Immigration Documentations if so required.


Transport minister Lord Whitty says motorcycles can
make a real difference to congestion and is issuing a call
to local councils to include motorcycles in their transport

Welcoming the release of an interim report from the
Advisory Group on Motorcycling, Whitty said: " Now we
have a better understanding of the needs of
motorcyclists." With the Advisory Group, the Government
is focusing on some key issues for motorcycling. "In
particular, we are examining the impact of powered
two-wheelers on congestion and are exploring their
environmental effect. Theres little doubt mopeds and
motorcycles can offer environmental benefits." We want
local authorities to consider specific measures to assist
motorcyclists, including parking and appropriate road
maintenance. We are also implementing a package of
measures to improve the safety of motorcyclists."
The Advisory Group, which is made up of members of the
motorcycle industry, police, local authorities, motoring
groups and rider training groups, is researching safety
and the impact of bikes on congestion and the
environment. It is also looking at increasing the number
of areas where bikes can use bus lanes and problems of

From Motorcyclenews.

As in most developed countries some cities in England
already promote motorcycle use to reduce congestion,
polution and parking problems. The city of Bath already
has motorcycle parking bays complete with chains to lock
your bike up. In many places road lanes set aside for
buses only or in some countries for commuters sharing
cars can also be used by motorcycles.

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